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Our Team


Franco Bruni

Theresa Guderian

Operations Manager

Sales Manager

This is Franco.  Franco has been fabricating and installing stone for over 20 years.  He learned as a young man at his dad's shop and gained a love for stone that he'll never shake.  In his free time he's also the singer in a 90s tribute band.  He's got hands that create and a voice that slays!  Wouldn't we all love to have that much talent?  Franco can't wait to put some stone in your home!

This is Theresa.  Theresa fell in love with stone surfaces and tile when she entered the industry 8 years ago.  She loves all parts of designing a home and she knows that stone and tile is what really brings the WOW factor!  In her free time she is a mother of 4 children ages 4 months to 12 years!  She's got an eye for design and a mind that can keep up a lot of different kinds of people.  Couldn't we all use someone like her on our side?

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