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Stone Slab Products

Discover the benefits of stone

Image by Who’s Denilo ?


A natural igneous stone, formed by magma underground.


  • Each slab is 100% unique and impossible to duplicate

  • Extremely heat tolerant and easy to care for

  • The beauty of a stone formed by nature is hard to beat with manufactured products


  • Is porous and will require sealing.  Sealing will need to be done approximately every 10-15 years with the right sealer applied

  • typically has a grainy or busy appearance which does not fit every decor

Image by Anton Maksimov


An engineered stone made up of 93% natural quartz and 7% resins and pigment.


  • Non porous which makes it stain resistant and means it doesn't require sealing

  • Since it's manufactured, it's often backed by great manufacturer warranties

  • Vast selection of colours from pure whites and solids to colours that look like real marble or other natural stone​​


  • Can discolour in sunlight

  • Needs to be protected from extreme heat

Image by Anastasiia Malai




A natural metamorphic stone that starts as sandstone and then

is superheated and compressed by nature.

It has a very high quartz content, hence the name "quartzite."


  • Usually an extremely hard and durable surface

  • Can have the look of marble but is much more durable than marble

  • Heat tolerant​​


  • Is often available at a higher price point

  • As a porous natural stone, it will require sealing

  • Can be susceptible to some staining

  • Can be prone to fissures and cracks

Image by Henry & Co.


A natural metamorphic stone, starting out as limestone and when superheated and compressed turns into marble.


  • Each slab is 100% unique and impossible to duplicate

  • Heat tolerant

  • The beauty of a stone formed by nature is hard to beat with manufactured products.  Marble is well known worldwide for it's stunning beauty and natural veining


  • Is soft and susceptible to staining, etching, and scratching.  Usually not a good choice in a high traffic area like a kitchen.

  • Will require sealing, but sealing will not protect it from staining and etching and so on. Marble products will require a signed waiver.

Image by Vladimir Gladkov




Just like the porcelain tiles you know and love, porcelain is now available in large slab formats


  • An extremely hard and durable surface, extremely heat tolerant

  • Many colours are available, including many that look like natural marble and quartzite.  You can have the look and heat tolerance of natural stone without the maintenance

  • Non porous, does not require sealing​​


  • Is often available at a higher price point

  • To keep costs down, a non-mitred, single edge will be recommended.  The edge on a porcelain slab does not always have the colour carry all the way through resulting in a solid colour edge on a patterned surface

  • Can be susceptible to some staining if choosing a polished finish

Dekton by Cosentino is an ultra compact surface material made out of 20 different minerals extracted from nature.  


  • Dekton is the perfect marriage between getting the colour and style you want with fantastic durability

  • Heat tolerant, scratch and stain resistant

  • A very versatile material: can be used on countertops, flooring and even exterior facades.  


  • Veining does not always carry through the material as colour is printed on the top of the slabs.

  • Tends to be a higher price point, depending on colour


We supply and install stone slab products from these fantastic manufacturers


Manufacturers of Silestone Quartz, Dekton, and suppliers of Sensa Natural Stone Products

Prairie Stone Market

Suppliers of premium natural stone products and Omnia Quartz

GS Granite

Suppliers of natural stone products and their own Quartz line


Manufacturers of Vicostone Quartz products


Manufacturers of Hanstone Quartz products


Manufacturers of Laminam Porcelain products


Manufacturers of Caesarstone Quartz products


Manufacturers of Guava Quartz products


Manufacturers of Cambria Quartz products

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